How Unitemps works with Student Services

If you are attending the AMOSSHE 2016 ‘Breaking Boundaries’ conference, you might be interested to find out more about how Unitemps works with Student Services in Higher Education.

Unitemps is the university owned temporary staffing service, providing opportunities on campus and in local commercial businesses for students, recent graduates and the wider community.

Student Services are incredibly important to any university and are designed to help students fulfil their potential, providing guidance tailored to individual student needs.

Life at university can involve a multitude of decisions and uncertainties, whether financial, emotional or career-driven. Unitemps works alongside to help by:

- Directly supporting our students during their degree and after they graduate

- Following the same ‘student welfare’ ethos as Student Services

- Offering students the opportunity to increase their employability through work experience and skill development

- Reinvesting all revenues generated back into the institution and campus facilities to benefit students and their needs

Visit our stand at AMOSSHE:

If you are attending the conference, don’t forget to drop by the Unitemps stand to learn more about how our model could be a good fit for your institution.

We look forward to seeing you in Glasgow!

For more info, visit or email