How to be confident in an interview

It is normal to feel nervous before a job interview but it is also important that you feel confident in yourself. By following these tips, you will reduce your chances of fumbling your way through the interview questions and be ready to present your best self.

Know the organisation

Make a good impression by taking an interest in the organisation - so make sure you take the time to read up on the company's history, values and culture. Doing just a little research can make a huge difference to your confidence and help you feel prepared when an unexpected question crops up.

Don't rush

Make a conscious effort not to rush through your answers. Take your time and pause to think about what you want to say next. Don't worry about leaving awkward silences, as the extra thinking time will result in more considered and structured answers that ooze confidence and give the interviewers the information they need.

Do a test run

Sometimes doing a practice run of your interview with a friend can do wonders to make yourself more at ease when it comes to the real thing. Doing a 'mock' interview may help you think of scenarios or examples of your work to make a mental note of, ready to use in the real interview.

Get the details beforehand

There's nothing worse than being on your way to an interview when you realise you're lost, late or you've forgotten to bring something you need i.e a passport. It's not a great start and will eat away at your confidence before the interview has even begun so save your energy for selling yourself. Double check the information given to you by the organisation and set reminders and alarms to ensure you arrive on time.

Listen and ask questions

Don't feel that you have to talk endlessly – sometimes it's ok to simply listen to what the interviewer is saying and to take it in. This will make you feel much more in control of your interview, particularly when it comes to asking questions as you will have paid attention and be able to recall snippets of information that made you curious. Remember, this is as much your chance to find out if the job is the right fit for you, as it is for the organisation.

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