How temping can be fun

If you’re using temping to pay your way through university or to progress up the career ladder, it’s good to remember the aspects of temping that are more enjoyable than committing to a permanent contract. In fact, there are many opportunities that temping can let you grab with both hands.

You can make more opportunities to travel

If you’re an explorer, travelling the world can become a reality with the help of short-term contracts and jobs. Pick and choose the assignments that work with your travelling schedule – and budget – and use your earnings to fund your next adventure.

Start afresh in a new location

Unitemps' franchises are growing – you can even find a Unitemps branch in Australia. Why not take advantage of these opportunities, take the plunge, and move abroad? Many countries, including Australia, will offer working visas and this temp work would let you work flexibly as you adjust to a new culture and way of living. If you want to spend most of your time enjoying the sun and sightseeing, temp work could be the perfect support and allow you to do so. But, a new country also means new opportunities which could appeal to you and your career goals.

Become a 'jack of all trades'

Temp work can let you be spontaneous and unpredictable; a good thing if you want to try lots of new things. There is nothing to stop you from applying for a variety of roles, which will not only keep things fresh in your work life, but will supply with a whole range of skills that could lead you to a career in the future.

Pursue your dreams

Perhaps you have always liked the idea of being your own boss – whether you want to become a freelancer or set up your own business, temping is an option to keep your income in between pursuing these projects. With the financial security you need supplied by your temp roles, you might just be braver in taking that first step to achieve your ambitions.

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