From Undergrad to Intern: 5 Weeks In

Having been in the job of Digital Marketing Intern for just under 5 weeks at iWeb, it’s interesting to see how I’ve evolved and changed as the weeks have gone by! Like with everything in life there have been breakthroughs and setbacks, obstacles and areas of personal growth. 

Like most people who graduate from university, the days and weeks after can be unsettling and the words ‘now what’? start to float around your head. I myself started down a very different route post-uni but when I felt that an MA was no longer the path for me Unitemps were there to point me in the right direction. 

What's refreshing about Unitemps is that it really does work for you - employment can be temporary or, depending on the requirements of the employer, it can lead on to something more permanent. The flexibility of short-term placements functions as work-experience, a taster of full-time work and you don’t have to know exactly what you want to do. Before this placement, I still didn’t really know what my future career was going to be, but through it, I’ve really discovered how much digital marketing is working for me. 

Considering other ‘internship’ horror stories I’d heard, I thought I’d be sharing a desk (at best), effectively working as the in-house tea lady! However, to my surprise, from day one I was front and centre; one of the team, making decisions and contributions on real projects. While I can remember turning up on my first day and wanting to run for my life, as the days and weeks have gone by I’ve settled in with the help of a warm, welcoming and creative team - I can see it’s the best decision I could have made for my future.

The wealth of information and knowledge about marketing, technology, client and professional working relationships that I’ve picked up just five weeks into the job is beyond what I had imagined. My co-worker Joe Turner has been a great mentor, allowing me to shadow him and collaborate on everything he does. This has included client meetings and conference calls, as well as producing content and conducting outreach - it’s not playing at work, it’s a real job - with a real income too. 

The real-world application of the skills I nurtured while at university such as writing, researching and communication has been daunting, but it’s also helped me to find a new sense of self-confidence. I feel lucky to be part of the iWeb team!

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