Finding a summer job with Unitemps

summer jobs with unitemps

With the summer holidays in sight, most students have the joys of day time TV and questionable British weather to look forward to.

If you’re hoping to be more proactive, finding a summer job is a fantastic way to gain new skills and earn yourself some extra money.

To help you out, we’ve put together a guide on how to find seasonal work with us here at Unitemps…

1. Don’t wait 

One complication for University students is that you may be looking for a summer job that's in a different city from where you are now. Unitemps has 12 offices across the UK so there’s plenty of opportunity to find something closer to home.

Distributing your CV early can also give you an advantage over others. It shows you are organised and sets you up with a better chance of finding something more long term.

2. Register on the website, search our latest vacancies

If you’re not already registered on this should be one of the first steps you make. With new opportunities posted daily, there’s no reason why you won’t be able to find something to suit you. 

3. De-clutter and refresh your CV

Having an up to date CV is really important when it comes to job hunting. We recommend tailoring it to the role you are applying for by highlighting any skills you have that the employer is looking for.

4. Broaden your horizons

If you're working toward employment in a certain field, it's useful to find a summer internship or job that will help you get there. If it doesn’t work out that way, consider the experience you could get out of working at an unrelated job.

Learning about a different industry may lead you to consider new careers and many jobs give you a range of transferable skills that will bring value to any position. Don’t rule out jobs that may not seem like a perfect match. 

5. Review everything before submitting

This might seem obvious but many people don’t check through before they submit an application. Keep in mind that once you hit that button, your information is sent to the recruiter directly. First impressions are important, so make the best one possible when you apply.

6. Be professional

A bad impression sticks so ensure you are remembered for the right reasons. Dress appropriately and don’t forget to research the company. They’ll probably ask what you know about them in the interview.

Finally, good luck! Finding summer work isn’t always easy, but having something to show for your time off will certainly be worth it!

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