As part of our 'Branch Showcase' month, we visited Northampton Branch Manager Ben Rogers and asked him some questions.

Watch the video below to hear his answers, or you can read the interview below the video:

Q. Can you give an overview of your role?

A. I've been working at the University of Northampton for three and a half years. I've had previous roles with different departments and came into contact with Unitemps in a few different roles. I was managing student consultancy in a different department and felt the service at Unitemps was really good and was really beneficial to everything that I was doing. So when the role became available it seemed like a natural fit as I already had an affinity with Unitemps and the staff who are already here so it was a good opportunity that I couldn't miss. 

Q. How does Unitemps improve students’ lives?

A. There's lots of ways in which Unitemps improves students’ lives and their career opportunities and prospects. There is a lot of training and skill development that goes into our candidates, it's not just providing the jobs for them which provide a lot of financial benefits for them. We've set up a workshop called the Candidate Development Programme, which is a mandatory development in terms of the professional skills of all the candidates that work through us.

So, what we want to ensure is that by the time our students have become graduates they have a high level of professional skills. This development we provide them, as well as the Changemaker Hub, gets them to a point where we are confident and they are confident in their interpersonal skills, levels of professionalism and how they are seen by themselves and other people. So with every Unitemps candidate there's a lot of development that goes on to make sure that they are doing the best they can. 

Q. Why do clients like to use Unitemps?

A. Most of the clients we have contact with are looking for fresh and high quality candidates. They are looking for the next generation of workforce for their business, and a lot of businesses seem to struggle to find the right people. We've got a huge database of current students as well as recent graduates so we have a number of people to choose from for roles that we have developed ourselves and have a vested interest in. 

All we are doing is joining the two parties together, and we find that no other recruitment service can do that. Beyond having access to all these students and graduates, we have found that we are not seasonal and are able provide candidates all-year round, whether it's temporary, temp-to-perm, permanent, graduate roles or developing graduate schemes. As we are part of the University of Northampton we have access to all of the departments and we do whatever we can to ensure the client and their requirements are put first so that it's a high quality service first time, every time. 

Q.What do you enjoy most about your role?

A. What I enjoy most about running Unitemps really goes back to why I'm here in the first place, which is to create as many opportunities for students and their employability skills as possible. As an alumni from this university myself, I feel that it's a responsibility of mine to make sure other students get the best out of their experience so that they have got the career that they came to university for.

Research shows that a lot of students and graduates start doing a degree because they have an interest in that topic, but because they find it hard to get a job, that sector is lost to them and they end up having to do something else for financial reasons.

So for me, my vested interest is that when students have graduated, they have made the best opportunity of being here and that they are going into the line of work they want to. That will feed into a happy working life, career and they wake up in the morning wanting to go to work. 

Q.Why would you recommend the Unitemps franchise to other institutions?

A. I'd recommend Unitemps to any other colleague from another institution for a huge number of reasons. I'd imagine if you work at a university, you really care about your students' future opportunities and career progression, as well as their financial wellbeing whilst they're at university; we tick all those boxes. It's temporary, it's flexible around their studies so it's not going affect them, and it's also that longevity and looking at the whole life cycle of a student - thinking what will happen once they graduate. 

Again, that's where Unitemps can step in and start to work on the graduate opportunities. There's also liaising with alumni and keeping graduates involved with the university and creating future opportunities for students. I think you can only do that if you have got your own Unitemps embedded into the university. It's not commission based, so everyone in Unitemps has got that genuine, vested interest in all of the students, rather than it just being money based, which counts for a lot.