When it comes to retirement, suddenly having all that time to yourself can require a bit of an adjustment. All of the things you planned to do when you had the luxury of leisure time at your disposal may be better enjoyed alongside part-time work to establish a routine in your new life. To introduce more balance into your retirement, Unitemps can offer flexible work that fits in around your new-found leisure time so you can really enjoy it.

If you want an opportunity related to your career albeit with fewer hours, you can search Unitemps by industry to find what you’re looking for. However, in the spirit of new beginnings, this could be your opportunity to try something new. Take some time browsing our website for roles that appeal to you and enjoy learning new skills with no obligations or pressure attached. At the same time, you are retaining a career profile which, in the event that you were to return to full-time employment, demonstrates your adaptability and enthusiasm.

Of course, the flexible nature of many Unitemps roles means you can pursue ambitions such as travelling, taking up a hobby, or spending time with family at the same time.

In the same way that Unitemps helps students support themselves financially during their studies, our roles can help stretch your retirement budget further and take away the worry of solely relying on your pension, allowing you to truly embrace your retirement.  

Yes, the idea of retiring is to cease full-time employment but there is no need to walk away from work entirely, and the right job with the right hours for you could make your retirement much more of an adventure that you had ever imagined.