The importance of building a career profile: graduates

Handing in your final essay or checking out of your last exam can be a huge relief, but the jubilation of completing your degree can also be an unsettling time as you try to figure out your next steps.

You may have had your career path planned out since school, or you might be a little less certain about what it is you want to do. Unitemps can offer solutions for both scenarios.

Gain skills and experience to take into a career

For graduates who were unable to fit work in around their studies, Unitemps can offer you a taste of the ‘University of Life’ and provide you with some practical skills and experience that can prepare you for the big wide world. Whether that’s in a part-time role that lets you support yourself during your search for a graduate-level job or the entry-level position itself, Unitemps gives you options when you’re figuring out your next move.

Pursuing your career ambitions

Some graduates may have taken advantage of Unitemps’ flexible work opportunities to support themselves throughout their studies, but now want to pursue work directly related to their career ambitions. Why not spend some time on the Unitemps website exploring the many full-time, permanent roles that may provide you with that first step on the career ladder. While you might be unsure about the career prospects of a temporary role, remember that we frequently advertise roles on behalf of our clients who are looking for the right candidate with the potential to grow into a role.

Unitemps supports its graduates, either by enhancing employability and offering roles that will boost your CV so you can succeed as you search for the first role of your career, or in delivering graduate-level jobs directly. Whatever route you take, let Unitemps make the transition from university into the working world a smooth one.

To get started in your chosen career path, browse our job opportunities and register to start applying