We all have moments when it feels as though our career needs a shake-up. Most of the time, fear of the unknown and lack of security prevents us from doing anything about it – this is where Unitemps can offer a solution.

Taking a career break should be an exciting opportunity to try something new, develop your skills and test the waters in a new career before throwing yourself in. With Unitemps, you can find roles specific to the industries you want to pursue during your career break. The range of opportunities available means you can choose from applying for a 3-month internship at a local company, a part-time job share that lets you dip your toes in a new role, or even a new full-time role for a fixed term.

And while you’re hunting for your next opportunity, there are plenty of flexible jobs that will see you through financially until your career move presents itself. If you need some breathing space between roles, our part-time jobs can take the pressure off and give you time back to take stock and reevaluate your career. In signing up to Unitemps, there are options available so that finally making a change in your career is so much more than just a pipe dream.

Maybe you’re taking a break for other reasons outside of your career – caring for a family member, spending more time with children, or simply taking some time out. Unitemps can help bridge the gap between your previous role and your next opportunity, so register and search to find roles that fit around your needs while you’re on your career break without ever feeling that you are getting ‘left behind’ or neglecting your employability. The progress you make in your Unitemps assignments can be reflected in your CV, used to build your profile and enhance your appeal as a candidate in the future.

If you're currently on a career break or are planning taking some time away from work, register with Unitemps to start browsing and applying for flexible jobs that will help you build on your career profile as you pursue new options.