Temping: myths vs reality

Unitemps has seen students, graduates and experienced professionals go on to have success either at one of our placements or through an opportunity their temporary assignment has given them. Yet, there is still stigma attached to ‘temping’ and the benefits seem to get lost – we identify the most common myths and attempt to debunk them once and for all.

1. The work is mundane

Our wide range of assignments show that you can do almost anything at Unitemps – whether you’re looking for a support role in an office or a career-enhancing management position, our roles range from flexible manual roles to fulfilling and career-focussed assignments for the long-term.

2. There are limited opportunities

Sometimes people make the assumption that temping does not lead you anywhere. A lack of a secure, permanent contract – which many see as a negative aspect of temping – can actually be a huge benefit, particularly at a stage where you want to give a job a ‘test run’. You are then free to take those newly acquired skills into a new role

3. There is no holiday pay

Temporary workers are entitled to take annual leave in the same way as permanent employees are. At Unitemps, candidates accrue holiday pay by the hour so you can claim when you do get the urge for some time away.

4. Jobs are part-time

You can see why the ‘temporary’ nature of temping would make professionals think that our roles are only part-time - but the reality is that a huge range of full-time internships and fixed-term roles are being advertised on our site right now. In fact, we have clients who choose to advertise their permanent roles through us too – the opportunities are endless.

5. There are no long-term career jobs

Many temporary roles are even set up with a view to making it permanent for the right candidate - with the right attitude and enthusiasm, you will definitely find routes to progression. In addition to part-time roles, there are full-time fixed term assignments and internships available that can get your foot on the career ladder.

If temping sounds for you, register with Unitemps and find an opportunity.