Temp 1-2-1: Rachel Durrant, Unitemps candidate at the University of Warwick

Rachel Durrant tells us how she gained valuable teaching experience through Unitemps with no formal teacher training - all whilst studying.

Why did you start temping?

I wanted to tutor, I’d worked with kids in the past and enjoyed it but had no formal teacher training. Temping seemed a good way to use my skills and knowledge now, and build up experience. Also, I was in need of some additional income to help get through the bumps of student life!

What kinds of roles have you taken on through Unitemps and/or previously?


  • tutored 2 students privately, both at A-level assisted in a school at GCSE level for exam crunch time
  • was extremely enthusiastic about maths at a class of six-year-olds
  • stood-in as dinner lady at a prep. school for two weeks and even got to help in the kitchen

Has the flexibility of temping helped you?

While I was still studying it was really good because I didn’t miss lectures for work. Temping let me try out different types of work, but also different levels of the same work; in the roles mentioned above when I temped at the school it was helping a group of students whereas privately I taught one-on-one and I got to see which I liked better, but also which one I was better at! Since I was working for several different people at once I got to space out my tutoring so I wasn’t swamped with it, and had days off regularly. 

If you could give those thinking about temping a piece of advice, what would it be?

Try things out. Ask for help: from the person placing you, the person in charge at your temping position, your work colleagues. They are not going to expect you to know everything at once, not only are you a temp but each workplace does things differently so even if you know your stuff the processes can be different. 

And specifically, for any tutoring temps out there: check what’s on your students’ syllabus and brush up on it! I tutor maths and even if the problems at GCSE I could solve (given enough time, probably), I couldn’t necessarily solve it in the right way for the exam board. You need to know how they want it taught. 

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