Temp 1-2-1: Jennifer Todd, Marketing Officer at Warwick Employment Group (WEG)

My husband, Michael, and I decided to make the great trek from South Africa to England to pursue his dream of doing an MBA. I knew that I would be supporting us through the year that it would take to complete his studies, and although we had saved up enough to last us the year, I decided to get a job to keep busy and earn a bit of extra money.

During one of the pre-arrival sessions, my Michael mentioned to his Business School adviser that I would be looking for a job, and she suggested to him that I try Unitemps. After hearing about what Unitemps does, I decided that it would be the perfect solution. So I created a Unitemps profile and was soon scrolling through the vacancies. I was surprised, and delighted, to find the range of available positions! I had expected to be picking up barista shifts or working as a waitress but found that there were roles that matched my years of experience in Marketing. I completed an application for a marketing role at the same university where Michael would be doing his MBA, and had an interview scheduled for the week that we arrived in the UK.

Shortly after my interview at Warwick Employment Group, I got a call from my Unitemps representative, Kim, to tell me that I had the job. I was ecstatic! A three-month contract as a Marketing Officer would be the perfect way to settle into life in England and buy me some time to find a permanent role.

Kim was wonderfully helpful throughout the process, from taking me through the arrival details to sending me documents regarding payroll, compliance, and health and safety. After a quick Eligibility to Work check, I was ready and excited to start my new job at Warwick Employment Group.

I enjoyed my first encounter with Unitemps and can say with confidence that they prioritise their candidates. The staff are incredibly helpful, and the business model really does ensure that the right candidates meet the right employers. Needless to say, I am incredibly happy working for Warwick Employment Group, and have Unitemps to thank for that. 

Life in the UK has been better than I could have imagined. My job keeps me busy, engaged and happy and allows us to live the life that we had hoped for in England. That includes a scenic ride into work, weekends away in the countryside, and living a healthy lifestyle. Our weekend conversations are peppered with business talk, office happenings and expositions on the benefits of living in England, and our weekdays are full and productive.

My husband and I have slightly different priorities when it comes to how we spend our free time. I love to travel, sampling new food and being outdoors, he loves to talk about the cases that they’re studying in his MBA. So we’ve managed to find a nice balance – we discuss his studies while we hike to a picnic spot in a foreign country. My job gives us the freedom to it all. Everyone’s happy, and it’s all thanks to Unitemps!

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