Temp 1-2-1: Ben Murphy, Marketing Assistant at Warwick Employment Group (WEG)

Ben recently joined the Warwick Employment Group Marketing team after working in a variety of Unitemps roles. We hear his story:

Why did you start temping?

My sister studied teaching here at the University of Warwick while I was at the University of Leicester Management School, and she recommended Unitemps during my final year. I used temping to supplement my income before graduation that summer. I’d completed most of my studies by that May and spent more time at home, so it was the perfect time for me to get involved back in Birmingham.

What kinds of roles have you taken on in your temping career?

I think as you graduate it can be easy to convince yourself that you will only accept a certain job - that perfect job you have studied so hard for. Initially, I only temped a little in Sales and Marketing, to keep within my interests. I then became more open minded about the work I did, once you take on all kinds of assignments from the various recruitment consultants here at Unitemps you’ll find yourself being offered more work. I’ve since had a lot of fun being paid to drive bumper cars, being a brand ambassador at events, selling disability equipment at the NEC, and enjoyed the last minute surprises temping throws up.

How did the flexibility of temping help you?

I’m now working 9-5 at WEG, and as I settle down and start a family it’s good to be working here on the other side. I now play a key role in planning our print and digital marketing activity surrounding events and Unitemps franchises. But temping has been invaluable, in between self-employed marketing work and my own projects within advertising and product innovation, working through Unitemps has meant I was always busy between contracts.

If you could give temps one piece of advice, what would it be?

As my colleague Stephen says, just apply now! Be open minded, the work will come if you are willing to be flexible, work hard. When you become one of Unitemps’ regular and reliable candidates you could be called upon at any time. There are tons of interesting jobs in your area of study here, so don’t worry, you’ll always get a call before being asked to dress up in a silly costume for an event!

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