Meet the team: Glenn Clark, Director of Unitemps Recruitment Services

Glenn Clark, Director of Unitemps Recruitment Services, gives us a glimpse into his role and explains how Unitemps let him try something different. 

Tell us about your background and how you came to work for Unitemps.

My background has been in recruitment, as a Recruitment Consultant working in the temporary market for several years then moving into the permanent market. I then moved into a more specific engineering and technical consultancy role, and became Team Manager. I came to Unitemps to try something different and give back to the community; it’s not all about the revenue here at Unitemps. I worked for the Franchise team for 3 years and am now Director of Unitemps.

Describe what the transition was like when you joined Unitemps.

This isn’t something I’ve done before within an HE environment, which is very different to anything I’d been exposed to before. There’s been a period of adjustment but I feel that I’ve grasped what it’s like to run a commercial business within a University setting in order to grow and develop the Unitemps brand further. It’s certainly helped having a positive supportive team around me.

What is the greatest challenge in your new role?

Setting the strategy and the way we are going to work going forward. Reaching out to external clients is the main focus, as our internal service for universities is working very well although we are always looking at areas where we can improve. However, we want to be more prominent in the local market and to grow externally to offer more opportunities to our students, graduates and to people from the local community.

Looking back, is there a highlight of your time as a Franchise Relationship Manager?

The main highlights from my time as an FRM were working closely with the franchises and ensuring the franchise network is protected for years to come. Bringing Salford University into the Unitemps network was another highlight – in my opinion, it has the potential to be one of the biggest franchises in the network as it has a fantastic patch to work in and has an appetite to make a difference.

Could you outline an average day?

There is no average day in this role, everyone is different. My day could consist of anything from attending client meetings with the external consultants in order to secure more opportunities for our students to writing reports for the senior management team to develop the strategy and 5-year plan for the business. It is completely varied and that is what I love about the role.

What is the best thing about working for Unitemps?

Everything! I’m doing something that suits my skill set but in an environment which means something. You can see the direct impact we are having, with regards to putting surplus back into the University that can be used to invest in facilities and new buildings for example, for the students of tomorrow – all off the back of the great work we are doing here at Unitemps.

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