Managing the festive season workload

Working over the festive season is hard. The workforce is reduced as people go on holiday and motivation is low for those who have been left behind. It’s not easy to get psyched for work when you know that you’re missing out on festive activities but there are some easy ways to make sure you get the most out of your time at work. 

Do the work 

It’s easy to procrastinate when the office is empty but your workday will drag and it will feel that much longer until you can join in the festivities. By settling in and getting focused, your workday will fly by and you’ll be getting festive before you know it. Bonus! Doing the work now means that you won’t feel overburdened in the new year. 


Everybody knows that feeling of not being able to complete a project because you need something from someone who is on holiday. Make a list of what needs to be done and mark off the work that needs no external input. Focus on that work first, as you’ll feel satisfied when you can tick finished projects off the list. When you move onto the rest of the list, do what you can with your limited resources so that when the person you need is back in the office, you can hit the ground running. 

Stay positive 

Don’t focus on what you’re missing out on - it makes it that much more difficult to stay positive. Rather focus on what you have to look forward to and on the benefits of having a quiet office. It also helps if you make your workspace festive! 

Get moving 

If your workload is reduced over the holidays, then take the opportunity to intersperse your day with little walks or time away from your desk. It will get your blood pumping and ensure you don’t get lethargic. You also won’t get this opportunity again for a while!

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