Learn the lingo - business jargon explained: X-Z

We have collated some of the best (or worst) buzzwords that we will be publishing in a handy A-Z guide. In the final week, we look at some X, Y and Z terms.


Short for cross-post, the term refers to posts made to more than one platform and is usually applied to sharing the same piece of content across multiple social media channels. 

Example: 'We'll do a x-post using Jamie's latest blog post to get maximum coverage.' 


The name of a photocopying machine, the brand is so ingrained in office life that to 'photocopy' became to 'Xerox'. It's perhaps more common in the US, as brits tend to say 'photocopy' or 'use the photocopier' rather than 'use the Xerox machine', but a good one to know if you have colleagues from the US. 

Example: 'Could you Xerox this report please, I need five copies.' 

Your Mileage May Vary 

An unusual way of saying to another person that their tastes or experiences may be different to your own.  

Example: 'I really like the design, but your mileage may vary' 

Your take 

Somebody's take on something is their perspective. If you want someone's opinion, or you want someone to describe their reaction, you can ask what their take is. 

Example: 'I really don't like the new visuals, what's your take on them?' 

Zombie Project 

A zombie project is a project that is barely operational, feeds off valuable company resources but never lives up to its initial promise. 

Example:  'The website redesign is turning into a zombie project as we're still not seeing improved engagement, regardless of the large budget we had when it started' 


A phrase often used to emphasise just how little time a certain activity takes. 

Example: 'Accepting  a meeting request takes zero-time, there's no excuse for ignoring it!' 

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