Going back home for the summer

Exams are over and summer is stretching out in front of you. Here are some tips for both surviving a long summer at home with parents or kids and how to make the most of your time off. 

Take a trip 

Use your new found freedom to take a trip – whether its abroad or a 'staycation' here in the UK, take some time to take in new surroundings and re-wire your brain. 

Enjoy the outdoors 

Even if you need to spend summer working or preparing for the next academic year, at least you can do this outdoors. Enjoy an 'al fresco' study session or take long walks after a day's work – it will leave you feeling refreshed. 

Reconnect with friends and family 

It's important to recharge while you're away from the hustle and bustle of university life. Share your experiences with other friends who are home for the summer and spend quality time with your family – this unscheduled time is rare and will fly by so be sure to plan activities with your friends and family to nurture those all important relationships. 

Find a summer job or internship 

If you've been working regular assignments with us at Unitemps and want to continue working while you're at home, why not check our branches to see if there is a Unitemps nearer home. You can then apply for roles near to your home and still enjoy the summer without giving up work. Maybe you haven't had time for part-time work during your studies so far – a summer job or internship could help widen your skills and experience, and let you meet new people in the process. 

Our branches are: unit

  • University of Warwick 
  • University of Salford, Manchester 
  • Middlesex University 
  • City, University of London 
  • University of Nottingham
  • University of Northampton
  • University College Birmingham 
  • University of Leicester 
  • Canterbury Christ Church University 
  • University of Surrey 
  • Staffordshire University 
  • De Montford University 
  • Nottingham Trent University

Register with Unitemps and search for jobs across all our branches – you might find the perfect role nearer home for the summer!