From Undergrad to Intern: 7 weeks in

Jennifer Gwinnutt reflects on her time temping as Digital Marketing Intern at iWeb as the internship draws to a close and a career in digital marketing beckons.

With my Unitemps internship at iWeb rapidly coming to its expected and inevitable close, it turns out it’s not all doom and gloom, Just a few days ago, iWeb offered me a full-time contract, which is the news I’d been hoping for! With this news fresh in my system, I found myself looking back on my internship experience, and what I expect from my future with iWeb.  

I’ve learnt a great deal being at iWeb and had a lot of new experiences. As the time has progressed - I’ve been given more independent responsibilities, which has been really great. One highlight was heading up a client meeting as the only representative of the Marketing team. Without the safety net of Digital Marketing Manager/mentor Joe - it was a pretty daunting proposition, but this experience and similar ones like it have given me confidence in my own abilities and I’ve learnt to truly back myself.

Following on with the good news, fellow Unitemps Grad Developer Sam Steele has also been offered a permanent contract with iWeb - which is great news! He’s pretty excited about it as well and had a few words to say about the news: “I’m really happy about being taken on permanently, it’s great to be able to work doing something that I enjoy and am looking forward to continuing to improve at it.”

Working at iWeb there have been many highlights. One of the biggest has been going to my first ever conference, IRX17 at the NEC. The event was a really great way to discover the latest multichannel retail trends and innovations, listen to industry experts and mingle with like-minded individuals. On my return, I wrote a blog about how the Lego Group have developed an integrated brand identity across all their channels. It was truly a great privilege to attend the event.

Looking into the future, I can see a promising road ahead with the company, there has been talk of an expanding the marketing team which is great and means we can take on more and more work. I feel like a really valued member of the team and have already formed some really great friendships with some of my colleagues. For my first job, it couldn’t have worked out better for me.

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