Developing your online brand: Twitter

Being online and having that online presence plays a role in helping your applications stand out. The important thing is to show some love to your online persona and ensuring consistency is maintained across your online activities. There is a big difference between simply existing online and having an impact online, here are some tips to utilise Twitter's functionalities to help build your online brand. 

Be strategic about the content you like or share 

Whether it is a retweet or a like, the content you interact with online is seen by your 'public' on your own profile and is a reflection of you or your 'brand'. For your professional profiles, always consider the implications of engaging with certain types of content will be before you click. Only publish if that tweet is relevant to your career goals, professional interests, or field of expertise. 

Become a thought-leader 

In being strategic about the content you are engaging with, you can curate interesting content that will reflect you in the light in which you want to be portrayed. For example, show that you are forward thinking by retweeting an article that engages with issues in your field. 

Similarly, you can show you're engaged in your profession by sharing and commenting on news and analysis articles that are hot topics in your industry. When posting, reference popular hashtags related to your subject to widen your audience and maximise your exposure. Try to produce original content regularly too, or at least add your own thoughts to your retweets from time to time, as it won't look good if you are simply regurgitating other people's content online. 

Use digital channels to their full capacity 

It is all full well having a Twitter profile but you're followers are not going to increase unless you're regularly updating it, keeping information up-to-date, checking in once a day and engaging with content. Also, explore how you use Twitter across channels to enhance your brand. If you write your own blog, for example, you could use Storify to collate your Twitter posts and create a fun feature that can be embedded within your blog.  

Consider your tone-of-voice 

The style you adopt when you write will speak volumes about your personality and your professional status. You will want to get the right balance between informal and formal language to show you are engaged with your profession while being able to form your own views. For example, using irony could show you have a sense of humour while using technical jargon shows your knowledge in a particular field.  

 Now your Twitter profile is optimised, you're ready to apply for roles. Simply register with Unitemps and browse our opportunities.