Coming back to university

It's been one long hot summer (okay maybe not) but now is the time to re-focus and start preparing for a new academic year. Perhaps this is your first year and you're gearing up for fresher's week and dealing with all the things that come with living away from home for the first time. Or maybe you're in your final year and want to get the most out of the precious time left. Whatever your situation this semester, follow our tips to adapting to university life.

Take part in something new

Remember the societies you enthusiastically joined at the start of every year, only to sack them off weeks later? If you're going into your first year, this might become a pattern you recognise. But, in being strict with yourself from the get go, this year could be a year of meeting new people and committing to that new activity that you were so interested in initially. University life won't last forever so bear in mind the opportunities that are around you and don't get caught in the rut of spending all your time in the library.

Declutter and get organised

It's time to clear out those endless notebooks and rogue copies of essays. Make a 'keep' pile and a 'throw away' pile but be ruthless – a tidy environment is a tidy mind. Have some fun with stationary and file things away neatly. Making lists can help focus your mind on your tasks and help improve your time management so you can find a good balance between study, work, and play.

Plan ahead for life as a graduate

No doubt you will want to live it up during your time as a student, but, to make the transition into life as a graduate much smoother, it pays to start preparing early by building up your CV and applying for graduate jobs. Boosting your employability is vital to getting those jobs after university, so prepare by arranging internships and gaining valuable work experience. Do your research too – find out what jobs are out there and which organisations have graduate schemes.

Gain skills - and earn an income

Unitemps has a wide variety of roles, with flexible part-time assignments or more long-term internships and fixed-term contracts that help give your CV an edge when it comes to applying for work after your course ends. In following these tips, starting or returning to university could bring you new opportunities. Let us help you have the fullest university experience possible by allowing you to top up your student loan, gain valuable work experience, and meet new people.

Thinking of temping this year? Catch us at the following fairs to have a chat:

  • Newman University Fresher's Fair – 20th September, Newman University in Birmingham
  • The University of Warwick Fresher's Fair – Saturday 30th September - Sunday 1st October 2017

You can register with us before then, and have a look at our opportunities.