The benefits of working while you study

Part 2 - Earn While you Learn

The first year at University is often your first time away from home and responsible for yourself. Whilst many of you may be looking forward to a taste of freedom and independence - the novelty of having to do your own shopping and having no one nag you to pick up after yourself - one of the biggest worries is being financially responsible. You may have had weekend or part-time jobs previously and be used to handling cash, dealing with banks and funding your nights out, but the reality of managing your finances whilst at university can be daunting. 

Learning to budget is a skill that can take years to perfect, so it’s no wonder that students often find themselves with very little money after buying those essentials for student accommodation and a few books from your reading list coupled with a heavy freshers week with the obligatory fancy dress parties and chugging of pints of purple.

If you don’t fancy living on value noodles and beans until you go home for the Christmas break, working part-time while you study could provide a steady income and offer invaluable work experience. With a regular temp role that fits around your lectures and seminars, you can boost your bank balance and enjoy all that uni has to offer.  The student union has activities almost every night that require ticket purchase on top of drinks and food, and though these events are a fantastic way to mix and make friends, they can be a drain on dwindling resources.  Working part-time could enable you to participate in activities that your student loan or savings simply won’t stretch to and enable you to participate fully in the student experience. When the opportunity to go on the trip of a lifetime comes knocking, don’t you want to be able to jump in and say yes please? What about those homesick times that you just NEED to go home and hug your dog at the weekend?  Last minute train travel can be expensive! Or perhaps you’d prefer to learn to drive so you can take your washing with you when you visit home? That’ll please mum…

A further advantage to having a steady income whilst in university could also mean having to borrow less from the student loans company or the banks, meaning that you could graduate with less debt and a CV filled with employment history and experience. Win-win!

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