A local company in Birmingham, iMend.com, has successfully integrated the Unitemps paid graduate internship scheme into their company with fantastic results. Unitemps has a number of paid internship opportunities for candidates in a variety of different businesses and sectors; this scheme offers candidates the chance for invaluable experience and companies the chance to benefit from the skills and expertise of university students, graduates and candidates from the local area.

iMend.com is the first company to provide a UK-wide mobile phone repair callout service, with technicians on stand-by to mend iPhones, iPads and Samsung mobiles. iMend quickly identified the importance of investing in some top calibre graduates from graduate schemes to help support the growth of the business across a number of functions including marketing and customer service; and got in contact with Staffordshire University to look at the types of schemes available.

Founder Keir McConomy, a Birmingham-born tech entrepreneur with ten years’ experience in digital business realised the importance of bringing in high quality graduates from a graduate scheme to support the local community, create a succession plan for the business and provide a fresh approach to customer service.

McConomy explained how the idea originated:

We have utilised the fantastic internship programme operated by Staffordshire University to place three graduates across marketing and customer care positions. To date all of the graduates have added value to the business; and in turn we have been able to offer them a development plan through a joint programme created by the University and iMend.com.”

McConomy continued:

“The recruitment process not only is quick, simple and accessible; the turnaround time to identify great calibre grads is great.”

To date two graduates have been brought into the business to focus on Customer Service for iMend, Kirsten Eagle and Jamie Duddy, both in short turnaround times. iMend have also utilised the scheme and brought in a lady to support the marketing for another brand they own called www.lovesales.com.

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