PG Mentors






The Postgraduate Community Engagement Team runs a peer mentorship scheme to provide support for postgraduate students – encouraging integration and a vibrant PG experience.

The online forum will allow students to either ask a question directly to a selected mentor, or they can ask a question to the whole community, whereby they could receive multiple answers by any PG student at Warwick – emphasising our ethos of ‘community’ while also ensuring focused support is available.

We are looking for individuals to join our group of engaged and enthusiastic mentors who will draw on their experience of postgraduate life to provide peer-to-peer guidance and support to current postgraduate students.

The mentoring will take place in an online based community, open to all Warwick postgraduate students (including those by distance learning), but it will also involve campus-based elements, such as themed group mentoring sessions, faculty visits, and participation in our PG Tips event. Individuals can decide how many face to face sessions they participate in, however, all Mentors should have capacity to engage with the online community on a reasonably regular basis.
1. Attend a campus-based or Skype training session
2. Liaise with the Community Engagement team and other mentors electronically, and through termly catch-up events.
3. Access the internet and engage with your peers for at least one hour per week (research breaks and holidays can be accommodated)
4. Take part in at least one campus-based mentoring event per term – this aspect is paid. (Indicate in your application if you could not participate in this element of the role)
5. Answer students’ questions based on your own experience, but also research information properly and signpost to other sources, primarily university services.
6. Be a positive role-model and support to mentees - contributing to students’ self-esteem, confidence and aspirations through appropriate communications using the online platform.
7. Time permitting, engage with the wider PG conversations via the online platform – maintaining an environment that is friendly, courteous and professional.
8. Adhere to all guidelines and regulations for good conduct and practice set out in training and at any subsequent time.
• Be a current postgraduate student/ECR at the University of Warwick
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to empathise
• Understanding of the challenges faced by postgraduate students and their life cycle
• The ability to provide guidance and signposting to individuals, covering a range of academic or pastoral matters (in line with the guidelines and regulations set for good conduct)
• The ability to work independently following training
• Availability to attend a group training session
• Availability to commit at least 1 hour a week to e-mentoring
• Availability to attend at least one campus-based mentoring event
The University of Warwick
1. Develop a range of personal and transferable skills to support your future ambitions.
2. Make a positive impact on other students’ lives and enhance the postgraduate community experience at the University of Warwick
3. On completion of the programme you will receive a Certificate of Participation
Please include a covering letter with your application