6 ways to make your job hunt more fun

Job hunting can be a laborious and time-consuming task - avoid becoming overwhelmed by following these pointers.

Change your location

If you're working from the stuffy indoors on a beautiful sunny day, mix it up by working outside. Getting some sunshine and fresh air is hugely stimulating and can help you feel motivated. Just make sure you avoid the glare from your screen reflecting off the sun – this won't make it any easier to concentrate.

Become a LinkedIn expert

LinkedIn is a major tool that helps organisations find top talent so help yourself by paying your profile some attention. At the very least, make sure you have a professional photo that shows some personality and an up-to-date profile but you can also go further by getting creative and posting blogs, thereby establishing yourself as a bit of a thought-leader in your area of expertise.

Use social media as a search tool

There are also a number of job boards posting vacancies as they come up on Twitter; be sure to keep an eye out for these and spend time following specialist job boards online as the algorithms can often connect you to a role you didn't even know you wanted.

Reward yourself

Job-hunting can be a laborious task; filling in applications take up a lot of time which can be intimidating when approaching the task. Try breaking it down into smaller sections; first complete your basic details, then write up your education and employment history. Afterwards, tackle the more crucial skills and experience section once you have the bulk of the application in place, saving your energy for the part that allows you to sell yourself. Every time you complete a section, take a break - read an article, walk around, call a friend – do whatever you need to do to take a step back and then rejoin with fresh eyes.

Get creative

Find fun ways of organising your day – adding some structure will really boost your motivation. You could use a whiteboard to track your progress, add post-it notes to remind yourself of deadlines. Get creative and use lots of stationary – these activities can add colour to what is otherwise dull and repetitive.

Find inspiration

Spend a bit of time researching your chosen career path – whether it’s a case study from someone working in your field or contextual information about the challenges facing the industry, these are the details that maintain your interest and reminds you why you wanted to go down this path to begin with.

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